Character Discussion

This page is dedicated to helping you, the players, decide on which class to create for Tower of the Greater Gods. This page will also provide direct links to individual character pages once they are made.

Please list which class(es) you want to play. Once everyone knows which class they are going to play, please write a short bio (2 paragraphs or so) for your character, same process as with previous games.

Note: whenever you edit the page, just add to it. Don’t remove preexisting text. Also, always include your name with the post so we know who it is.


I want to play a Bard or a Barbarian… Too bad they didn’t make it into 4th ed.:(


I’ll get things started, Some rules when creating characters are:

1. I like keeping to basic rule books for classes, races, etc. Items from other source books are allowed with approval. Check out the Races page for extra details on certain races and where they are from.

2. Character must have something tradgic happen in their backstory. Hometown was destroyed, loved one died, family was brought to ruin some how. Be creative and let me know so I can work it in, you can email this to me if you want it to be a secret. This is a recent event, happening at the most several months before the start of the game.

3. Your Character is Level 3 at the start of the game. I feel this will give you a little background, experience wise for your story but not overpower anything just yet.

-James (Tsai Auron)

Character Discussion

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