Maharajias Realm

Population – Out of the total populaton of Maharajas Realm:
25% Daneed, 25% Dragonborn, 20% Tiefling, 10% Kennick, 10% Eladrin, 5% Elf, 3% Halfling, and 2% Duon

GovernmentBenevolent Dictatorship, The Maharaja, being the sole ruler of this region, strives to use this power to benefit his people. He has very few advisors and deals with the mayors/elders of each city himself.

The Maharajas Realm occupies the Western most part of Auloran and has the largest land area out of the three main countries. Although boasting 10-14 cities, this doesnt mean that they have a larger population than the other two. It’s population only being slightly larger than that of The Spiritlands. Maharajias Realm is a full of dry, rocky terrain making life there difficult if your not located near a river or ocean.

Being bordered nearest to The Banished Lands, this area gets all the heat and dry air blown north from the deserts. This makes agriculture difficult but the areas wise ruler The Maharaja developed ways to successfully grow cereals (like wheat, barley and maize) on his dry lands. The people have also become successful in raising many types of livestock, such as sheep, goats and some cattle and chicken. Camels in this area are prevelant, bred and used for travel throughout the area and sometimes into the desert. The Maharajas Realm is also known for it mining, greatly in thanks to the numerous amount of Daneed in the area. It is in these rocky area that they make their homes, digging into the rocky hillsides and mining out the hard minerals to work with. and trade. The Maharajias Realm is also home to the largest population of Tiefling, finding the heat and dry air comforting and this area truly being the only country to fully accept them.

Maharajas Realm has developed a culture reminiscent of the Ancient Persian culture that the players are familiar with. This development mostly comes from the dry and arid lands, with few grassy areas and very little rain. This climate causes much of the architecture, argiculture and lifestyles to resemble that of Ancient Persia. It is also because of the close proximity to deserts and the heat coming from it that influenced much of the areas clothing, arms and armor to resemble Ancient Persia.

The Cities of Maharajas Realm

Cartharnul...The capital and largest city, built into the dry rocky mountains at the edge of The Banished lands. Home and seat of power of The Maharaja.

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Maharajias Realm

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