Population10,000 – 12,000
22% Eladrin, 20% Kennick, 16% Daneed, 12% Elf, 10% Tiefling, 9% Duon, 8% Dragonborn and 3% Halfling

LocationThe Baroness Reign

Religion – Open to worship any god as long as gatherings are peaceful and dont disturb the peace.

Alignment – Unaligned

Leadership – Being a trade controled city, the Caravaning Commission holds the power seat

Main Export – Imports from across the lake are sold here at bazaar and caravaned to the desired location.

A cornucopia of different cultures, beliefs and race, Maron is the trading center between the three countries within Baroness Reign. Anything that comes from one of the other countries comes through Maron first. Usually being sold in bazaar style tent shops set up on the streets, imports from the other countries have become popular in Baroness Reign for their unique style. Many travel far to Maron so they can get a gift or delicasy for their loved ones or close friends. These imported items are seen as a luxury and make the buyer/reciever appear culturally sopisticated.

As well as small tent shops, bigger hauls of goods come from across the lake for trade. The countries tend to trade large amounts of goods/harvest for an equal amount of goods/harvest, usually for something they dont have. Some of the biggest trades being between Maharajas Realm and The Spiritlands, trading ore and stone for lumber. These deals are handled prior to delivery and require very specific contracts that last over a particular amount of time, usually stating that the goods have to be recieved withing a specific date range every month.

Along with these temporary shops and larger trades, there are permanant shops set up within the wall that are run by foreigners. These are lucrative businesses that provide specialized goods that you can only find in Maron. For example many Duon sell their furniture this way, needing a secure building to build and guard their stock while the shop is closed. If you need a specialized item from across the lake, citizens visit Maron as it is the only place to buy them direct.

Lastly, once a year and on a single day, Maron hosts The Healer. A mystic from across the lake that visits and “heals” citizens of Baroness Reign. Everyone wants to meet The Healer and being “healed” is a coveted life experience that only happens to a select view. On this day, shops are closed and the bazaar area is flooded with guests waiting to hear who will be chosen for “healing” by The Healer.

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