Reginold “Reggie” Sweet – A Kennick in his late 50s with graying hair, rough features and a short stocky build

Inn Keeper of Sweet Suites

Once a former member of the cruel underworld of thieves and brigands, Reggie has left all that behind for more honest work. He took all of his savings and threw it into his hotel, Sweet Suites, which he has really turned around.

Several years ago, before his hotel days, Reggie got mixed up in a crooked trade deal and he was stabbed and posioned. A posion that, at that time had no antidote. Luckily for him it was the same day that The Healer came to Maron.

Lying and dying in an alley The Healer and his guards passed Reggie on the streets. Taking pity on Reggie The Healer healed Reggies wounds and cured the posion from his system. The Healer then whispered in Reggies ear… “Use this chance to change your life, your time for redemption has come.”

Reggie was honored and took this advise to heart. He changed his name and his appearance, looking more honest, and used all of his money to buy a crummy rundown hotel.

In three years Reggie has turned this place around, making it a honest hotel which is regularly full of guests. Although he has a good job and business, he still hears thing from time to time that occur in the theives underworld. For all intensive purposes, he has become an honest business man, one of the few left, thanks to The Healer. Reggie regularly makes sure that everyone knows that story too.

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