Spirit Queen

The most mystical and enigmatic of all the rulers in Auloran, the Spirit Queen at times seems more myth and legend than a real breathing being. She rules and resides in the metropolis of Vaederleen, deep within the woods of The Spiritlands. So named after the Spirit Queen herself, who achieved her name from her mystical, wispy and somewhat incorporeal appearance.

The citizens of The Spiritlands believe that The Spirit Queen has acheived total peace and harmony with nature, becoming a part of it. It was this achievement in nature that gave her the appearance she currently has, or so the people believe. It is also believed that the Spirit Queen can be everywhere in the forests at once, appearing and disappearing at will in front of her people adding more mystery to her already spiritual nature.

The Spirit Queen is the deciding force behind everything in the forest. Deciding where and how towns/cities are formed in her woods as well as being judge when the laws of the forest are broken. The woods within The Spiritlands are under her protection and she has a very strong and specialized force that keep them safe.

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Spirit Queen

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