The Banished Lands


GovernmentUNKNOWN…although it is suspected that if there are any towns or villages, they are probably based on a Tribal system, putting the wisest and most powerful in roles of leadership.

A widely an unknown and uncharted area The Banished Lands are the embodiment of fear in every citizen within the three countries. Being banished to this area is thought to be worse than death, becuase what waits for you out there is worse than death itself. Very few travel into The Banished Lands of their own accord and are rarely if ever seen to come back.

The Desert
Looking into The Banished Lands

The Banished Lands are known to be only desert with mountains on either side. No one knows what lies beyond the desert, if there is anything beyond. The Tieflings which originally caravaned from The Banished Lands, 50 years ago, into the Maharajias Realm never spoke of what lies in the desert. Many thought this was because what was in the desert terrified even them so much that they were forced to leave. Even in the most recent years the Tiefling community has mostly forgotten their time in The Banished Lands.

The Banished Lands seem to have an unnatural force within them. On a regular basis there is an unnatural wind that blows north, against nature, and pushes heat and dry air into Maharajias Realm. Supertitious people say that the desert is creeping north, trying to cover the rest of the world in sand. It is also said that staring into the desert for too long will drive you mad, warping your mind and causing hallusinations. There are many walking through the streets of Cartharnul who have been driven crazy by the desert. These people are now hopeless vagabonds who have lost all of their sanity and have come to be of no worth to any society, not anymore.

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The Banished Lands

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