The Baroness

The Baroness is the enigmatic ruler of the region of Auloran of the same name. A mysterious woman of undeterminable age and beauty. She resides in the heavily guarded political district of Ku tai, where only the highest of advisors have ever seen her face to face. She rarely, if ever, has appeared in close proximity to her citizens. Addressing them from high atop a balcony outside the political district, where her features are difficult to determine. This appearance happens at least once every month and on the same day. She uses this opportunity to fill her citizens with pride, hope and a sense of togetherness in their lives. For some reason the people that witness these addresses say that her words give them reason to live life to the fullest and create what has made Baroness Reign the largest and most successful country on Auloran.

Her unwillingness to appear within close proximity to her citizens has raised a lot of rumors that has neither been proven or disproven. Some say that she is an angel sent from the gods and her beauty would enslave all of mankind if she didn’t distant herself. Others say that the advisors are the true rulers and The Baroness is actually many different women and she keeps her self distant so no one realizes she is never the same woman twice. Among many other rumors.

It is also unknown whether The Baroness is a proud and feirce warrior or wise and powerful wizard. This anonymity keeps her enemies fearful of her power and always on edge of what she will command next. Her armies follow command effortlessly and without question. She also commands many advisors that go out into her region to do the work that is required to keep moral of her citizens high and productivity even higher.

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The Baroness

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