The Baroness Reign

Population – Out of the total populaton of Baroness Reign:
20% Eladrin, 20% Daneed, 20% Kennick, 10% Halfling, 10% Elf, 10% Dragonborn, 5% Duon and 5% Tiefling

GovernmentEnlightened Absolutism, with The Baroness as ruler and many specialized advisors that bring the will of the people to her attention by working with the mayors/elders of towns and villages.

Baroness’ Reign occupies the eastern most part Auloran. This area is full of rich fertile plains and some areas of tall grass. It has the most flat land out of the three kingdoms and has the best climate suitable for farming on that land. That makes the Baroness Reign that largest grain and vegetable producer in all of Auloran. Since the lands are so easy to live on and with the ease of growing food, Baroness Reign has a huge population, boasting 10-15 towns/cities/communities in all. Ranging from simple a simple Hamlet to the metropolis of Ku Tai, the capital. Each of these towns/cities are in constant trade and contact with eachother throught the use of The Red Line.

The area is ruled by The Baroness, a protector of the people and seer of justice. Not many have seen her up close, so it is speculated and argued at what she actually is. A mighty paladin or wise wizard. She sits high up in the Political District of Ku Tai and only greets her populace once a month to encourage their great work. Baroness Reign is also the only area home to the Halfling culture.

Baroness Reign is protected by a specialized police force call the Peacekeepers who enforce the laws that The Baroness has laid down for each city within her region. There is usually a Peacekeeper office in each town/city that control a small number of army units to enforce the law. This keeps the towns/cities peaceful, orderly and with minimal crime. The only exceptions being the Dragonborn communities and the city of Ossic, who has its own policing force.

Baroness Reign has adopted an Early Middle Ages style to their culture combined with a definant flair of the dramatic Oriental style, similar to the Western European and Ancient Japanese culture that the players are familiar with. This is mostly an asthetic adoption to the society with the look and feel of the buildings, clothes, armor and weapons mostly resembling the Early Middle Ages but having many influences from an Oriental style culture. Some of their values too are similar, such as the value of codes of honor and honor/disgrace to your family. This style is held truest the closer you get to the capital, those towns as cities near the other two kingdoms have adopted some of their customs and styles. The best example of this is Maron, The Trade City, a cornucopia of different cultures, beliefs and styles.

The Cities of Baroness Reign

Ku Tai...The Capital, metropolis that houses high society and The Baroness herself.
Maron...The Trade City, on coast of The Lake to establish trade.
Ossic...Mining Community, biggest population of Daneed in B.R.

Dragonback Hills...1st of 2 Dragonborn Communities, hidden in the southeastern hills.
Thundering Flats...2nd of 2 Dragonborn Communities, hidden in the tall grasslands.

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The Baroness Reign

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