The Maharaja

Far less enigmatic and mysterious then the other two rulers of Auloran, the Maharaja takes pride in meeting face to face with his people. The Mahraja is the embodiment of regal status as well as carrying the stature of a proud warrior. His people respect his opinion, not becuase he is a rich and powerful ruler but because he has proven to be fair, honest and wise in the growth and protection of his kingdom.

The Maharja carries the look of a proud and wise warrior, with years of battle worn into his features. He is always seen in his suit of armor and carrying his fabled magical blade at his side. He rarely travels with guards because he doesn’t fear his people, but there are several stories where bandits made the mistake of thinking he was a lowly patrolman. In those stories it is told that he was seen dragging 10 men behind his horse to the nearest magistrate, without a scratch to show for it.

On a regular basis he travels to all of his cities meeting personally with each mayor/elder and discussing the business and welfare of the city. He does have an advisor or two, although he is rarely seen seeking there advice. They tend to the capital when he is absent visiting his other cities. Also, several times a month the Maharaja has “days of audience,” where he meets with his people to answer questions and address concerns or problems. So far there have been few decisions the people didn’t accept. He welcomes lively debate, of which he usually wins, and always welcomes critisms/suggestions from his citizens.

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The Maharaja

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