The Spiritlands

Population – Out of the total populaton of The Spiritlands:
30% Elf, 25% Duon, 20% Dragonborn, 10% Tiefling, 5% Eladrin, 5% Kennick, 3% Halfling, and 2% Daneed

GovernmentTheocracy, with the inhabitants of The Spiritlands following the laws of the God of Nature, valuing the forest and lands before themselves. The people named the Spirit Queen ruler since she has achieved perfect harmony with nature and is said to speak with the gods because of this achievement.

The Spiritlands occupies the northern most part of Auloran. This area is full of lush, thick forests, making travel and living difficult (and dangerous) for those who aren’t used to this type of terrain. There are few cities and towns here, having less than 8. Inhabitants of the The Spiritlands mostly live with the land in harmony. Believing that what they take from the forests they need to give back in some way. The few occupied areas are usually fairly large in size, the inhabitants believing that survival in the thick forests requires people to group together in large numbers.

The largest city(and capital) in The Spiritlands is Vaederleen. Resting under and within the canopy of the “great tree.” The roots and thick branches of this huge tree create natural shelters for homes and shops, making it the ultimate place for those who wish to live in harmony with nature. It is here where the Spirit Queen lives and rules over The Spiritlands. The wisest and supposedly first inhabitant of The Spiritlants she was named ruler since she has achieved perfect harmony with nature and strives to maintain it within her borders. It is the Spirit Queen as well as her specialized force protecting the forests that give this area its name. This force as well as the Spirit Queen herself are like ghosts within the forests. Blending in so well that the forest seems to come alive, scarring off intruders and leaving many to believe that it is possessed by spirits.

The Spiritlands has very few stone buildings, the only ones exsisting in the towns near the borders of the other two lands. It is here within the forests that the only Duon city exsists and Vaederleen houses the only school of magic(the only place to develop magical abilities). Most towns and cities consist of elaborate tree houses up in the canopy that protect the people from the dangers below. The Spiritlands also contains the largest number of Elves, Duon, and Dragonborn in one place.

The Cities of The Spiritlands

Vaederleen...The Capital and largest city, resting in and under the “great tree”. Containing the only wizarding school and also home to the Spirit Queen.

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The Spiritlands

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