The World You Are In

Welcome to the continent of Auloran. The biggest and only land you have heard of. Auloran is in the shape of a giant C, surrounded by dangerous oceans, where none have travelled out of and made it back.

Auloran is split into three countries and whats left is The Banished Lands (or The Wastes), where outcasts and the banished go. Although the countries are completely different in their civilizations, they have peace between them and so far that has never faultered.

The Baroness Reign – Region filled of rich full plains and hills.

The Spiritlands – Region of full thick forests and many underground caves.

Maharajas Realm – Region of dry, rocky terrain with light plant growth.

The Banished Lands – Mostly dry hot desert, so far no one has reported whats lies beyond.

The countries are seperated by three rivers that connect at The Lake, which is basically the center of the continent. The Lake is so large that many ships travel on it between the three countries, for trade usually.

Races of Auloran

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The World You Are In

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