Human Pathfinder

Humans (called “Kennick” by other races) are wanderers and nomads, originally setting out to find a new homeland hundreds of years ago, but they grew use to nomad life and many still wander the lands today. The Kennick are many in numbers but are viewed as unschooled and unintelligent because of their lifestyle. They are given few chances to be anything more than servants, militia, or mercenaries by many in the big cities, but successful Kennick Merchants are not totally unheard of. Many still travel in huge caravans across the lands, setting up temporary tent villages outside of cities to sell their unique wares. They have a very unique style, blending all cultures into their own. You might see a Kennick wearing Elf clothing, with Eladrin jewels, and carrying Dragonborn weapons. The only items ever identified as Kennick are those adorned with ancient runes and symbols of kingdoms past that even they don’t know the true meaning or translation, but yet their weapons and pendants bear these marks as homage to their shrouded past.

Average Height: 5’6” – 6’2”
Average Weight: 135-220 lb.

Ability Scores: +2 To Any One Ability Score to represent their varied nature
Size: Medium
Speed: Base Speed of 30 Feet
Vision: Normal
Languages: Common, Kennick and One Other Chosen Language

Skill Bonuses: You gain one additional skill rank at first level and one addtl. rank whenever you gain a level.
Bonus Feat: You gain an extra feat at 1st level.

Other Notes: The Kennick have a unique language all their own, so unique that anyone other than the Kennick have trouble understanding it. This is spoken only, there is no known written version of this language. It is a mixture of common, elven & dwarf (they think) that started years ago when the Kennick had to learn many languages to trade with everyone. Over time, their own language began to reflect those they traded with the most and their mismash was born. Characters need to make an Insight Check to determine what a Kennick is saying in this language, other Kennicks do not.

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Human Pathfinder

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