Pathfinder Races

There are many different Races on Aurloran, but yet many seem to live peacefully together with only very few communities being totally of one race. The majority and minority Races vary depending on the country you are in, please visit those locations to gather specifics on race population per city/country. These are Pathfinder versions of the races…click for D&D 4e versions.

Dragonborn – As a whole they are native to no specific country, but rather have ancestral tribes that link them to the lands they live. The Tribes are the Woodlands Dragonborn, the Plains Dragonborn, and Desert Dragonborn. All the same, but unique in their own ways of life. Dragonborn are not always 100% welcome in some smaller towns or villages.

Noble Elf -Valuing knowledge, skill, and magic above all else, the Eladrin have become “high society”. Many have lost their touch with the feywild as their greed for these things consumed the race. Overall Noble Elf have become vain and stubborn. Some still value their ancestral ways and hold true to themselves. Noble Elf are usually a ruling power found living in the larger cities because they have the money to afford it.

Wild Elf – Cousins to the Noble Elf the Elf have become less civilized and revert to live with the land, not off it or on top of it. The largest population of Wild Elf society is found in The Spiritlands, where they live amongst the trees. Building cities and towns in the canopies and around the bases of the large old trees.

Half Elf – Home in any land these people have yet to develop a land or culture of their own. They tend to stick with their parents and their society, but many have left home searching for what makes them unique. Liked by all people, they are accepted anywhere they go…usually.

Dwarf – There are two types of Dwarf in Auloran, the Woodland Dwarf and Rock Dwarf. The Woodland Dwarf lives up in the forests, preferring to climb, swing in trees, and work with wood. While the Rock Dwarf lives on the dry, rocky terrain. Building homes into rockfaces, working with stone and trudging through caves.

Halfling – The river people, so to speak. All towns located on or near one of the two main rivers in the Baroness Reign started out as Halfling villages. Most still remain under Halfling control because of their knowledge and work with the flowing waters. Many other races have now joined those villages to work and made the Halfling communities respectable little towns.

Human – Huge in numbers Humans tend to be nomads of the world and always on the move. Having no city or country to call their own, they are always residents but rarely the Race in power, unless you encounter their travelling communities. Their towns are more like caravans, never in the same place twice and not staying for very long.

Tiefling – Rare, but not unheard of. Tiefling caravans first came from The Banished Lands as explorers looking for a new home. Once they found the civilizations they tried to become part of them, recieving hardship at first but later being welcomed only by the Maharajas Realm. They form close relationships with Dragonborn as both Races are never trulty 100% accepted into certain societies.

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